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Soni warehouse is storage space provider to stow all your clothes related items with state of the art security facilities, Catering exclusive cheap storage solutions ranging from clothes related items storage to Records storage management. We are a one stop destination for all your storage needs. You will find storage warehouse for rent in Haryana, Bhigan at genuine price.

Biometric System Access  Biometric System Access     Insurance Coverage   Insurance Coverage
Barcode Tracking System  Barcode Tracking System       Fire Control   Fire Control
Pest Control Pest Control                             CCTV Monitoring  CCTV Monitoring
Pickup from Door Step Pickup from Door Step           24/7 Security     24/7 Security
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We understand your needs and that is
why we don’t mandate the lengthy
lock in periods.

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Trust is the factor we invest in that is
why we don’t ask you for large
security deposits.

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Soni Warehouse
Soni warehouse
"These guys helped me in retaining my loved beloging than selling them..... Keep up good work! Best fabric Storage near me. "
Tarun Kumar