Soni Warehouse Company

Soni Warehouse is a Haryana based clothes storage company managed by professionals, which offers wide range of storage solutions ranging from clothes related items storage to fabric storage management.

Soni Warehouse Company

Safe, secure, reliable and affordable storage service​

Soni warehouse is storage space provider to stow all your clothes related items with state of the art security facilities, Catering exclusive cheap storage solutions ranging from clothes related items storage to Records storage management. We are a one stop destination for all your storage needs. You will find storage warehouse for rent in Haryana, Bhigan at genuine price.

Biometric System Access  Biometric System Access 
Insurance Coverage   Insurance Coverage
Barcode Tracking System  Barcode Tracking System
Fire Control    Fire Control
Pest Control Pest Control                         
CCTV Monitoring  CCTV Monitoring
Pickup from Door Step Pickup from Door Step   
24/7 Security     24/7 Security
Soni Warehouse Comapny

Personal Storage in Bhigan, Sonepat, Sonipat, Haryana

Our warehouses are well equipped with state of the art facilities like smoke detectors, 24X7 dedicated security and CCTV monitoring, barcode assisted inventory management system, biometric security system and pest safe premises. We store your belongings with all necessary care using wooden pallets, bubble sheet packing and carton boxes.

If you are looking for a warehouse facility for rent in Bhigan, Sonepat, Sonipat, Haryana or Short-term storage / temporary storage or long-term storage from as little as one month to ten years, Safe Storage provides best and affordable storage facilities that are designed to offer economical and easily accessible storage space.

Safe Storage

State of the art facilities:

  1. 24-hour dedicated security & CCTV cameras.
  2. Controlled access to storage area using a Biometric Access Denial System.
  3. Smoke detectors as well as fire controlling devices to ensure protection against fire.
  4. Storage on wooden pallets that keeps your belongings safe & dry
  5. Quick & easy retrieval of goods when required.
  6. Sophisticated barcode – assisted software to track each item in our facility.